Dancing with the bones of the Elephant Man!

No, there's no clever pun in my use of this album cover as the header. I just really like this cover.

Oh hi guys, I didn’t see you there.

Maybe you remember me.  In case you don’t, let me refresh your memory.  My name is John.  You can call me “Freakman John.”  I do a little show on Boston University’s radio station called “Freakshow!”  It’s a garage, punk and psychedelic rock show.  It’s pretty cool if I say so myself.

Did you know I’ve been back on the air for about three weeks now?  No?  Well I have.  And boy did WTBU fuck me over this time by putting me on at 8 in the morning which was cutting my show short.  It’s not been very good, honestly.  In fact, I don’t blame you for not knowing that this happened.  I did a pretty good job of not telling people I was back while spiting WTBU and trolling them on air and playing curse-laden Ice Cube songs for a half-hour straight.  I am proud of myself for that.

This blog entry totally has a point; just bear with me here, folks.

Now that we’ve gotten that all out of the way, I have a few announcements to make.  First of all, starting Monday, February 7, we are rebooting Freakshow! To put it another way, we have changed time slots and we are calling a do-over on this season and doing right by it.  Freakshow! now airs every Monday morning from 8 – 10 AM on WTBU, and you should listen to it live because it’s awesome.  But if you suck and can’t do that, we have you covered: every episode is going to be recorded and uploaded to the Freakshow! blog. I think I’ve figured out how to get around WTBU’s usual tactic of not having their shit work, so this shouldn’t be a problem anymore as it has been in the past (and by the past I mean two weeks ago, where my first show is stuck in one of the station computers.  Seriously!)

But the most important announcement of all is that the Freakshow! blog is moving to an actual for-realsies domain.  Sometime next week, you will now find us at http://freakshow-radio.com, where we will have the same goofy content as well as some other fun stuff I have planned.

Lastly, like the good abandoning father to you all that I am, I’m showing up after my long period of absence with gifts.  At the bottom of this post you will find every single Freakshow! episode I have recorded and saved on my computer. Bear in mind, some of them are going to be rough as I haven’t done clean-up on them (including the most recent episode, which I am literally just burning over from the CD and putting up here).  Also, I have some more episodes floating around somewhere that I will be sure to upload once I get the chance, so keep checking during this weekend for more fun!

This season’s been a bit rough-going so far, but it’s going to get better and it’s going to be awesome.  Mark my words and keep tuned in, because we love you more than you could ever know.

-“Freakman” John Maxwell

Freakshow! – 1/14/10
Freakshow! – 4/1/10: Pax Freakout – A Retrospective
Freakshow! – 4/15/10
Freakshow! – 4/22/10: Can Music Save the World? An Audio Essay

Freakshow! – 2/3/11


Freakshow! – 4/1/10

April 2, 2010

Freakman John talks about the issues with the Batman; hilarity ensues.From March 26-28, the first ever East Coast version of the Penny Arcade Expo – a love-in for video game nerds, D&D fanboys, Magic Card affectionados, board game heroes and other “geeks” – was held at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston’s Back Bay… and we were there!  But an event of such magnitude could not possibly be contained to one weekend, so this week’s Freakshow! celebrates the wonder of PAX and our video game obsession that inspired us to be there with a special show that contains both the best video game tunes under the sun and enlightening, edifying and downright funny interviews conducted by Freakman John on the show floor.  And it’s all brought together through the magic of harmonious dissonance™, proving that no matter how much you try and change the formula, you can always expect Freakshow! to provide an amazing auditory experience!

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Freakshow! – 1/28/10

February 1, 2010

Freakshow!This week’s Freakshow! finds us joined by special guest Kevin Corea-Berger (DJ Cucumber Slice as he insists on being called, much to our chagrin) who brings his own music expertise to the table with his own set that go places no Freakshow! has ever gone before while staying true to the “harmonious dissonance” that drives the show.  Listen in awe as Freakman John and Kevin dance around the studio to kicking tunes while discussing important topics such as kids these days, putting Nike pumps in body parts, and why Australia sucks!

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Freakshow! – 1/21/10

January 22, 2010


Apparently all we wanted to do this week is rock, so our second episode of the season is a little more heavy on the punk angle than usual.  But if you think we’re simply being a one-trick-pony here, you’ve obviously never listened to a Freakshow! before, as we’ve still got a ton of amazing music carefully assembled to prove that this “harmonious dissonance” thing we’re always going on about isn’t just annoying marketing term!  Furthermore, we guarantee that if you don’t learn something new about at least one of the songs or bands in this show, then you’ve either listened to this episode live and heard all this before or are actually Freakman John!  If it’s the latter is the case, he would like you to kindly get out of his head, thanks.

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Freakshow! – 1/14/10

January 18, 2010

Freakshow! 1/14/10

For our triumphant return to the airwaves, Freakshow! kicks off its third season in style with some old stand-bys, some new classics, and a smattering of songs that run the gamut of the garage, punk, and psychedelic rock we love so very, very much.  Playing it a bit safe, perhaps?  Arguably, but when your set’s as good as ours, does it really matter?

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