Freakshow! is your window to a insane world of music and passion.  It is ethereal and enlightening and if you enjoy awesome music, you will enjoy this show.  If, for some reason, you don’t enjoy awesome music, you should listen to this show anyway, because maybe you’ll develop good taste.  Does that answer your question?  No?  Not really?  Okay, let me try putting it this way:

Freakshow! is a radio show hosted by “Freakman” John Maxwell.  It bills itself as “your one-stop-shop for the best in garage and punk,” but all too often pushes the boundaries of what kinds of music those genres encompass.  In short, the mission statement of the show is its focus on unique setlists, introducing you to amazing stuff you’ve never heard and presenting your old favorites to you in new and interesting ways, unafraid to pair dissonant genres together and go from, say, seventies soul to sixties psychedelia to modern Japanese rock to eighties metal to nineties grunge and everywhere on the fringes and in between, all the while peppering this medley of musical madness with Freakman John’s pontifications on philosophical quandaries, his place in the universe, and – more often than not – talk about music trivia, movies and video games.  Sounds great?  We think so too!

Freakshow! airs on Boston radio station WTBU – 640 AM, 89.3 FM, and streaming online at – but is currently on hiatus.  Keep checking back for more information!


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