Importance Message 2: Electric Boogaloo

March 11, 2010

Dearest denizens of Freakshow! Nation,

recently, a comment was posted by show superfan Mike Lau about how I have been neglecting the blog again.  And the truth is, he’s right – I have.  But I have a semi-good reason for it, which I will now share with you, because I believe in being up-front with you people and that is how I roll.

There have been two Freakshow!s since the last update: one on February 25 and one on March 4.  You may notice that neither of these shows have been jotted down for the site.  The reason why is pretty simple, actually.  For the February 25 show, I simply don’t remember what I played.  My laptop crashed the night before the show, and I have since lost every setlist for every single episode of Freakshow! from this season.  Thankfully, all but one has been backed up thanks to this blog; but the only way to get that one back, simply, is to go to the WTBU log computer, hope that there’s a recording of this episode, and listen to the entire thing.  And since I need to do that anyway, I’ve decided to sit on posting the set for the March 4 episode until I can get the recordings for both those episodes (and the two other missing recordings) onto my now fixed laptop.

So no, I have not forgotten that this blog exists; I’ve just had to deal with all sorts of things getting in the way of this season of Freakshow! being the best it can be.  But I will soldier on and provide you with the best I can give you, because that’s what I do.


One Response to “Importance Message 2: Electric Boogaloo”

  1. HB! said

    this really just gives me an excuse to comment on your blog again.

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