New Day RisingIt’s a “new day rising” for Freakshow!

As we enter the final stretch for this season, we’ve decided that instead of us keeping up what we’ve been doing – giving you the best in garage and punk interspersed with as much madness and mayhem as we can muster – we’re going to mix things up for this ultimate month.  We’ve been teasing doing some special shows since the end of February, but now the time has come, and we’re ready to reveal the first two of this unique series of shows we have planned:

APRIL 1: PAX Freakout: A Retrospective – the first ever PAX East convention – a love-in for gamers and geeks of all walks of life – was held at Hynes Convention Center last weekend, and we were there!  In honor of this, the entire show is dedicated to the best music to ever come from a video game, as well as interviews from the show floor with people such as John Davison (Editorial Director of Gamepro), Michael Wilford (CEO of independent game developer Twisted Pixel), Jeff Gerstmann (co-creator of Giant Bomb) and random con-goers.

APRIL 8: Can Music Save the World?: An Audio Essay – inspired by the 2009 film Fish Story, in which a punk song saves the world from ultimate destruction, we attempt to analyze popular music’s ability to affect and reflect on social issues and the subsets of society they speak to and determine music’s place on the world stage, the political forefront, and in our hearts and minds.

Suffice to say, these two episodes are unlike anything we’ve ever done before.  But just like any of our bizarre sets that shouldn’t work on paper yet somehow come together to form a brilliant blend of harmonious dissonance™, we’ve got a great feeling about these and the other shows we have planned.  Unfortunately, the stuff we have planned for the other shows isn’t quite set in stone yet, so we’re going to hold those close for a little while longer.  So keep checking this space because we’ll be letting you know soon enough.

And if that is not reason enough to keep checking the Freakshow! blog, what if we were to tell you that we now have the WTBU studio recordings for the majority of episodes from the last month-and-a-half and we will be uploading them, as well as the missing set lists, throughout the week?  Because we do!  Don’t say we never did anything nice for you!


Dearest denizens of Freakshow! Nation,

recently, a comment was posted by show superfan Mike Lau about how I have been neglecting the blog again.  And the truth is, he’s right – I have.  But I have a semi-good reason for it, which I will now share with you, because I believe in being up-front with you people and that is how I roll.

There have been two Freakshow!s since the last update: one on February 25 and one on March 4.  You may notice that neither of these shows have been jotted down for the site.  The reason why is pretty simple, actually.  For the February 25 show, I simply don’t remember what I played.  My laptop crashed the night before the show, and I have since lost every setlist for every single episode of Freakshow! from this season.  Thankfully, all but one has been backed up thanks to this blog; but the only way to get that one back, simply, is to go to the WTBU log computer, hope that there’s a recording of this episode, and listen to the entire thing.  And since I need to do that anyway, I’ve decided to sit on posting the set for the March 4 episode until I can get the recordings for both those episodes (and the two other missing recordings) onto my now fixed laptop.

So no, I have not forgotten that this blog exists; I’ve just had to deal with all sorts of things getting in the way of this season of Freakshow! being the best it can be.  But I will soldier on and provide you with the best I can give you, because that’s what I do.