It Begins Again

January 11, 2010

High Time

After a month’s break, we are proud to announce that Freakshow! is back!  The best in garage and punk will be returning to the airwaves of Boston’s best student-run radio station – WTBU – this Thursday.  As for when, we are happy to say that the new airtime for Freakshow! is…


Hard to believe, right?  Well, while not ideal for any of us on the show (we are, of course, very much running our use of the royal “we” on this blog through the ringer with this statement), it’s better than the alternative of not being on the air at all, right?  And let it be known that we will not be deterred from our usual tactic of the best music on the planet interspersed with topics of the most sublime and ridiculous variety as chosen by master of ceremonies “Freakman” John Maxwell.  In fact, we suggest you not miss this week’s episode, as it is already gearing up to be one of the episodes of Freakshow! we’ve ever done!  It’s gonna be great!

And on the off-chance that you cannot catch this week’s episode, fret not!  One of our New Year’s resolutions for this year is to stop neglecting the Freakshow! blog as we have been wont to do in the past, so if you come here on Thursday night or Friday afternoon, expect to find the full setlist for your viewing pleasure.  And we don’t want to promise too much, but complete episodes for download might be in the cards, too.  Just saying.

So mark your calendars, folks: Freakshow! will air this Thursday, January 14, 2010, and all subsequent Thursdays from then on out unless otherwise specified, starting at 10 AM on WTBU.  To listen, just point your browser towards the WTBU site, hit one of the buttons conveniently marked “LISTEN LIVE!”, and you’re good to go!  And while you’re at it, be sure to check out friends of the show Night on Disco Mountain hosted by Dan Ernst from 2 – 4 PM and Taken Out of Context hosted by Josh Friedman from 8 – 10 PM.  It’s the least you could do.


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